White cloud house design on child’s bed

child's bed

Don’t be surprised to hear this news: now, clouds can be brought to your child’s bed as a room decorator! elementech will give you steps to bring the cloud to your child’s bed. Clouds that are always far above can be approached by applying effect paint on your child’s bedroom ceiling. Paint effects with the Spray technique do look difficult because most images created with this technique are intricate images. But this time the tech element will give you a very easy-to-create picture, namely the cloud. The shape and size you can make as you like.

child's bed

1. Tools and materials needed:

 Paint walls white, blue, and gray

 Spray gun

 Compressor

 Roller

 Coasters

2. For the base paint, adjusted to the color of the sky (here we use the color blue). For a flat paint result, it is better if the paint is diluted first using water. Dilute the paint to taste, according to the field to be painted.

3. To get maximum results, apply blue paint to the center of the plane using a roller. In addition to faster work, the results of the checking are also more even.

4. For the edges, it is better to apply paint using a brush to make it neater. Especially if your ceiling has a profile.

5. Now, let’s start forming clouds. Put white paint in the spray gun, add water to dilute a bit. Dilute until the paint can be sprayed well enough. Do not dilute too much, because the paint will drip, and do not get too thick, because the paint will be difficult to spray. Once ready, spray paint in several places randomly to shape like a cloud. It doesn’t need to be too precise, just don’t be too rigid. Create multiple clouds adjusted to the area of the field.

white cloud house design on child's bed

6. White clouds are already on your ceiling. But if noticed, the clouds are less “alive” and look flat (not 3-dimensional). To make the clouds appear lively and resemble the original, create shadows using light gray paint. Don’t forget to also dilute this gray paint. Spray around the white cloud in such a way that the cloud looks “alive”.

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